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Frank Chapman Memorial Institute


The Frank Chapman Memorial Institute (FCMI) was established in 1995, in honor of the late Frank Chapman (1919-1987). As an influential leader, community elder and active member of the Arbor Hill community, Mr. Chapman’s initiatives impacted hundreds of lives within the Arbor Hill, West Hill and Sheridan Hollow communities. 

His dedication to the educational and personal development of Albany’s low income children resulted in the creation of carpentry, landscaping and construction apprenticeship programs in the 1960’s and the years up to his death.

Mr. Chapman believed that providing the necessary work, life and personal skills to residents in the low income neighborhoods he served, would allow the entire community to gain a greater quality of life and bring back the pride of self- accomplishment to its residents.

Mission - FCMI is driven to provide its service area residents the life skills, work training, and personal development resources, necessary for the quality of life betterment of each resident and the overall community.

The Frank Chapman Memorial Institute (FCMI) has a long history 23 years of caring for and proving programs and services to children, teens and families residing in low-income communities in the City of Albany. The programs and services provided by FCMI are parallel to none as they represent a niche that was unmet and filled a void that was not met by any other agencies/organizations


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